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Pro Bowl losing its starpower by the hour

This was the headline of Daily Dolphin’s Blogger Edgar Thompson, does he really care that the most boring All-Star game is losing players.  Does it really hurt the Pro Bowl because it is before the Super Bowl, no. Who cares if we won’t see Tom Brady, Philip Rivers or Ben Roethlisberger because most people don’t even watch this game. Matt Schaub and Vince Young have taken their places. Thompson also argued that the losing teams in the Championship games this weekend won’t want to play,which would be 24 roster spots that need to be filled. This just gets players that want to play in the game, in it. Maybe the game will actually be competitive with players flying around the field because they want to show the world what they can do.

All I can say is that they could put the Pro Bowl anywhere, anytime and I still wouldn’t be very interested. I usually watch about 5 minutes max of this exhibition game and then I turn the television to another channel, probably Golden Girls reruns. So Mr. Thompson don’t get to worked up for a game were most the stars back out anyways. The real reward is getting named to the Pro Bowl not playing in it.

“… a trip to Honolulu was enough for players to suck it up one more time for the Pro Bowl.” Is this guy for real, these players can go to Hawaii anytime they want. The only way it is a vacation is if the player in question had an unbelievable year and is making the league min, then the argument that it is the place would hold water but not you can go to South Beach enjoy the weather and the Super Bowl Festivities. I like having the Pro Bowl earlier it gets it over with faster. (Daily Dolphin)

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