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Who is to blame?

The NFL Wild Card round is over and fresh in our heads. 8 teams went in thinking they could win and only 4 were able to succeed. But more importantly who is to blame for the Bengals, Vikings, Colts and Redskins losses? We will discuss the blame game and play Next Day Head Coaching. 

1. Cincinnati Bengals 

The blame for this loss is on the Bengals’ offensive staff. AJ Green was none existant in Bengals offense for the 1st half. They tried to make adjustments at half and managed to get green 80 yards but that was to little to late. Jay Gruden was great throughout the season but this wasn’t his finest showing. There is no reason that your best offensive player shouldn’t be involved until the second half. The Texans have a great defense but the Bengals should have had a scheme to get the ball in Green’s hands.

2.  Minnesota Vikings 

The Vikings lost their starting QB in Christian Ponder and had to go with Joe Webb who didn’t throw a pass all season. No body can be blamed for Ponder going down but to go into that game and decide that you are going to shelter Webb like a child. Webb threw some horrible passes but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t  let him sling the ball around. The Vikings went into that game trying to not lose the game instead of trying to win it. You didn’t have to be a football genius to know that the Packers were going to come out on defense and defend the run. Webb and AP should the read option a couple times in the beginning but never really tried to throw out of it. Leslie Frazier is to blame for the Vikings loss due to his coaching staff’s lack of a game plan.

3. Indianapolis Colts 

This was a team that overachieved all season and lost to with more talent on both sides of the ball. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone to blame in the Colts loss. Losing their Offensive Coordinator/ Co-Head Coach Bruce Arians didn’t help but Clyde Christensen called a good game so there is no blame there. I believe the offense’s lack of red zone efficiency  was to blame and only scoring 9 points will not help a team win in the playoffs. I feel that the Colts ran their course and nobody should be blamed in their loss and they actually stomp the rule of no moral victories.

4. Washington Redskins 

SHANAHAN, SHANAHAN and SHANAHAN. How in the hell to you allow RG3 to continue playing after he limped into the huddle in the second quarter. This was the biggest blunder of the entire weekend. Everyone saw that RG3 was hurt including us couch coaches. A healthy Kirk Cousins was going to be far more affective then a broke down RG3. Sure a healthy RG3 gave you a better chance to win and even a 3/4 healthy RG3 did obviously by how they played in the 1st but after the hit he took he should have been taken out of the game.

See you next week after the divisional rounds

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