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I Want Winners

What aspiring sports journalist doesn’t post a single story since May 2012, well me? This doesn’t mean that I haven’t had many arguments with family and friends about certain sports topics. There have been so many great storylines and I wish I would have posted about a lot of them.

I have continued to say this but I plan on posting at least once a week. As my life has continued to get busier I have lost touch with my passion and that is to share my thoughts on sports through blogging and sports podcasts.

When I was a student at the University of Nevada, Reno I quickly found out that the title Amateur Athlete in the moneymaking sports i.e. Football and Basketball held a very loose meaning.

The Colorado Buffalos fired their coach Jon Embree after just two seasons. He was 4-21 in his two seasons and 1-11 this year, which was the worst season in Colorado football history.  If college sports was about molding kids into men and getting them ready for the work force Embree would still be the coach of the Buffs, but I’m sorry to tell you Embree it is about the W’s at the end of the day.

Embree at the press conference last night had a few highlight quotes:

 ”I’m obviously disappointed sitting here today,” he said. “You know, I did things the right way. I don’t care what they say, or what anyone says. We had the highest GPA the last three semesters here at this school that the football program has ever had. We stay out of trouble. You guys represented yourselves well and all the guys that played before you. You set a legacy and a standard.

Who gives a rats ass if your players have a good GPA, your players stayed out of trouble, that’s probably why you guys lost 21 games to compete with the best you have to recruit a couple questionable players. I don’t know if that statement if fact but it seems the best programs usually have a pretty lengthy police blotter.

Even a little program in Boulder Colorado it is all about wins. The fact is the only GPA that the school cares about is that the players stay eligible. If there was a way for a school to be good at academics and football the universities would sign up for that today, but there isn’t. There is a reason the Ivy league isn’t competitive against the SEC in football and the SEC isn’t even close academically to the Ivy league. If you want to be a big time program you have to pay your coach lots of money, have killer facilities and care about winning.

Embree should have never gotten this job in the first place. A head coach shouldn’t be considered qualified just because his is an alumnus of the school. The fact that he went into that press conference shocked that he was getting fired is laughable. I know that he only had two years but in todays win now college lanscape you get 1 year maybe 2 to right ship.

College sports the W is all that matters!

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