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Kazaam ll: NBA GM

Movie sequels are hit or miss but this one has disaster written all over it. Shaq was a dominate player when he wanted to be, he is a funny person when he wants to be and I am sure he would make a great General Manager when he wants to. But, that’s not good enough. 

There is a rumor circling that the Magic are interested in Shaq as their next GM.  Shaq is notorious for self-promotion and this has Shaq written all over it. Shaq and the Magic had one of the nastiest sports divorces in history which gets me to the conclusion this is all of Shaq’s making.

According to Marc Stein of ESPN :

Shaq has been lobbying behind the scenes to be considered for the position, and the Magic — in spite of the nastiest of divorces with O’Neal in the summer of 1996 — are willing to at least sit down with the 40-year-old and give him the courtesy of hearing what he has to say.

That’s a long way from actually hiring Shaq. A L-O-N-G way, to borrow from Larry Bird’s spelling technique, from letting Shaq come back to a franchise he leveled as a free agent to be the guy who either convinces Dwight Howard to finally commit to the Magic long-term (after feuding with Dwight for years) or immediately takes on the monster responsibility of trying to find a sensible trade for Howard before next season (as rookie GM).

To be a GM in the NBA you have to be a grinder, workaholic and behind the scenes which Shaq is none of. Look at the great former player GM’s in the past 15 years: Larry Bird, Joe Dumars and Jerry West were grinders on the court and grinders in the office.  Shaq was given something that no one else can replicate and that is size. Shaq rarely worked hard and rode his size and god given talent to 4 championships.

This is an interesting concept of giving a very vocal and prominent player such an important position but I think it would end very badly.  Shaq is in his wheelhouse as an analyst and should stay in that role for years to come.

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