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Head Injuries and the NFL

If you listen to enough talk radio throughout the day you will find a good sample of talking heads that are for and against the commissioner Roger Goodell. Both sides of the argument have valid points but many points that they bring up are only for the shock and awe factor.

Recently the NFL has come under attack from Past, Present and Future players because of the ill effects of trauma to the head.  I believe that the NFL has a duty to provide medical services to their retired players but I don’t believe they deserve any blowback from players who have dementia or blame the repeated hits to their head as the cause of their lack of reason when committing suicide.

Football is violent; let me say that again, Football is violent. If the 32 owners chained these players and forced them into slavery for the sake of their business the players that are now filing lawsuits against the NFL would have a case but, because they put on those helmets voluntarily and got reimbursed handsomely for their efforts on the field I believe that they should be ashamed for their act against the league that gave them and their families so much.

Concussions are scary and need to be dealt with in a cautionary way and the NFL needs to be blamed just as much as the public does. Most these players that are suing the NFL played before technology and knowledge on concussions was advanced. Lawsuits are the one thing that could take down the NFL.  If parents don’t want their children to play or watch football it will erode the NFL market and they will lose the popularity that it holds today.

This brings me to why Goodell might be the man to save football. Goodell is building a legacy and if he can save football while making it safer he will go down as the greatest commissioner of all time.  You might laugh but really sit back and think about it.

Players who complain about the fines make me laugh the commissioner is trying to give them a better life after football and if they fail to see that I feel sorry for you. This isn’t about ruining a sport it’s about the fact that Goodell is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar enterprise and he has the interest of the players, owners, and fans to worry about.

The funny thing is as technology of helmets and pads advance players are starting feeling invincible. I’m not sure that getting rid of helmets or going to leather helmets defensive players wouldn’t lead with their heads but it is a valid argument.

The fact is nothing stays at the top forever and the NFL doesn’t have much more to gain but it does have a lot to lose and it would be foolish to deny.

The 2200 players who filed against the NFL should all be blacklisted from all NFL events. This should include going to the stadium, being in the HOF, being an NFL analyst for any network and most importantly their existence in the record books should be completely erased until the lawsuit is dropped. Now the NFL needs to step up to the plate and fund insurance for these players and to try to improve life after football for players who take lots of trauma to the head.

Thank you Mr. Commissioner for not always doing the popular thing but doing what is best for the sport.

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