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Knicks: The most delusional team in professional sports

The only true memory I have of the New York Knicks is sadly Spike Lee’s worst memory: The 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals between the Knicks and the Indiana Pacers.

The Knicks had the game won with a 105-99 lead with 18.7 seconds left in Game 1. Reggie Miller had a moment of success that only Disney could capture better in a Hollywood movie and the Knicks had one of the greatest collapses in sports history. Miller scored 8 points in 11 seconds to win the game.

Madison Square Garden is dubbed the Mecca of basketball, which I find hilarious because the basketball that has been played there for the past 20 years has been AVERAGE, unless you count the Big East Tournament.

For me to give a place, city, and fans that kind of distinction I better see good basketball or at least competitive basketball.

The Isiah years were probably the worst years of any NBA team and I am living through the MJ Bobcats, so that is saying something.  Let’s put the Isiah depression in context at the end of the 2005-05 season the Knicks had the highest payroll and the second worst record.  They had 23 wins and a payroll of $124 million that comes out at just over $5 million a win.  I’m not an economist but I think that is a little off.  The Detroit Pistons had the best record going into the playoffs and paid only 796,875 per win.  That isn’t smart basketball that is the rich trying to out smart the league with money instead of brilliant basketball minds.

The Knicks’ fans deserve just as much of the blame.  They think that just because it is New York and they are the Knicks they are basketball royalty but the thing is they haven’t won a Championship since 1973. Yes, I know what you are thinking there are teams that have no championships. This is true they don’t sale themselves as one of the NBA’s flagship franchises.

People say that to be a real fan you have to go to games even when your team is in the toilet.  This actually is completely wrong. Watch your team on TV, that is fine, but the only way for your owner to get the message that the fan base is not happy is through his checkbook.  If attendance is way down you owner will know that the fans are not pleased with the direction in which the team is heading.  In New York showing displeasure is showing up at the MSG and booing, which does nothing but make Dolan more money.

The Knicks seem to be on the right track at building a viable team but there is still dysfunction in the organization and it starts at the top with Dolan.  This team needs to find a coach that wants to win with the current players and has a viable plan to make Melo and Amare succeed in the same lineup other wise you have dead money with those two players.

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