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Bench Player Sports’  Columnist Jake Doerr talks about the events surrounding the National Basketball Association.

Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge forgot what league he worked in. The NBA front office has been fining people left and right this year and Ainge isn’t immune from the punishment even if what he did wasn’t bad.

The league had fined Ainge 25,000 for throwing a towel in the air in an attempt to distract Cavaliers’ JJ Hickson at the free throw line during the Celtics win over Cleveland.

You think that Ainge is a smarter man than this, you get fined for trying to distract a 68 percent free throw shooter in a game you are up 23. I would say that was a waste of some good money.

Ainge had this to say to Boston radio WEEI on The Big Show:

“This is very simple, OK: I regret that. That was very unprofessional,” Ainge told WEEI-AM. “I was having fun with the hecklers and the crowd sitting around me. You know what, there’s just no excuse. It was unprofessional.”

Kirk Snyder who spent four horrible years in the NBA for four different teams is going to prison. He was drafted by the Utah Jazz with the 16th overall pick coming out of Nevada.

Snyder could never find his role in the NBA resulting in him not having a very good career.  Slam Magazine is reporting that he was sentenced to three years in Ohio State prison yesterday. (WCPO)

Kirk Snyder, 26, is convicted of breaking into a neighbor’s home in the 5300 block of Commonwealth Drive in Deerfield Township and brutally assaulting a man in March 2009.

The woman in the home told police when she got up to investigate hearing the break-in, a tall man pushed her aside, ran to the upstairs bedroom and began to assault her sleeping husband. She says while he was beating her husband, she was able to pull the hood away from covering his head. She said the assailant then fled out the back door where he had broken in.

Defense attorneys said Snyder did commit the crimes he is convicted of, but that he was not guilty by reason of insanity since he wasn’t being treated for paranoia and bipolar disorder at the time.

To bad he never could find is way in the Association because he did give Nevada fans some very good years.

ESPN Boston ( I love these local ESPNs by the way because they just show how powerful the Mothership really is) looked deeper into the reason why Nate Robinson hasn’t been playing and it isn’t because of his lack of offensive discipline.

Robinson was supposed to be the piece that was going to resurrect the Celtics’ bench but that never happened and it might not be because of Robinson.

“Boston Celtics guard Nate Robinson was benched for two games near the end of the regular season, and it cost him $1 million, while saving the team twice that amount. A clause in Robinson’s contract calls for him to make a $1 million bonus if he both played in at least 58 games and made the playoffs this season. Robinson’s Celtics are in the postseason but he played in 56 games. As a result, the Celtics saved the $1 million they would have paid Robinson — equivalent to a quarter of his reported annual salary — and an additional $1 million they would have owed in luxury tax to the NBA (most of which would have been distributed to teams with payrolls below the luxury tax threshold). Robinson, a 5-foot-9 guard and three-time slam dunk champion, had a difficult season but was on track to make the bonus until its final days.”

The money ultimately forced the Celtics hand because even though Robinson wasn’t playing awful he wasn’t going to win them games.

Antoine Walker is going to try and make a comeback. (Yahoo)

Former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker is eyeing an NBA comeback.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino says Walker will work out with several Cardinals over the next few weeks. Walker hasn’t played in the NBA since 2008 and has suffered legal and financial woes since stepping away from the game.

I am pretty sure some cable channel should hook Walker up with a reality show because this could be one funny journey . He is broke and needs a good paycheck but I don’t know how any team in the NBA would be interested in a player that couldn’t handle playing in Puerta Rico.

I would like to see a show though even if it doesn’t end happily.

President Obama aknowledges the Suns or Los Suns for their stand on the immigration bill.

“President Barack Obama has given a shout-out to NBA’s Phoenix Suns, who are wearing jerseys that say ‘Los Suns’ to honor the Latino community, diversity and the state of Arizona. Obama made the remarks at the beginning of a Cinco de Mayo celebration in the Rose Garden. The president said: ‘I know that a lot of you would rather be watching tonight’s game — the Spurs against ‘Los Suns’ from Phoenix.’ The line drew applause from the crowd.”

Mark Jackson has been campaigning for a coaching job since he became a commentator for ESPN. I though that he would take any NBA job that was offered to him, well I was wrong.

Turns out that the Philadelphia 76ers aren’t on that list. (Philadelphia Inquire)

Mark Jackson, who seemed to be in the final stages of scheduling an interview with the 76ers for their coaching vacancy, has removed his name from consideration, according to his agent, Steve Kauffman.

Kauffman said Jackson “doesn’t feel it’s the right opportunity for him at this time.

It seems that the only opportunity that is a good one for Jackson is teams that are already established winners. The Cavs, Lakers, Magic or any other playoff team. Con on Jackson you aren’t a good announcer, you haven’t coached yet and a team wanted to give you a chance and you blew them off.

You want to get a job as a  coach and volume is good and turning down interviews is an awful start to your resume.

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