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Political Correctness

With the ever changing culture that makes up the fabric of the United States of America people keep pushing for political correctness in all aspects of our private and public lives this includes but is not limited to our precious sports teams and players. The Redskins name has always been a go to target for Native Americans and other activist groups.

If you look at the name Washington Redskins out of context of the tradition of the team you would argue that no entity should be named after a ethnicities skin color. But not one time in my life have I thought about the Redskins in a negative way actually the complete opposite. The Redskins are a football team of powerful men going for one goal to win just like a tribe of Native Americans helping each other to survive for the common goals of the tribe.

Now should they change it? Probably Yes. But the fan base doesn’t cheer on a derogatory term they cheer on their favorite team that no longer hold the racist background. The Indians and Braves are a little less forward then the Redskin nickname but all in the same they have a Native American meaning.

There is a new group of people who have renewed the legal action against the Washington Redskins. The plaintiffs goal actually isn’t to make the Redskins change their name or even ban it from the entire sporting lanscape but to strip the team of it exclusive trademark protection on the grounds that disparaging terms are ineligible for trademark status. This would have an effect on Daniel Snyder’s check book because they would lose all the marketing advantages that having trademark status give him.

The NFL and the Redskins are to powerful for anyone interest group to go up against them. The only way that we will see the Redskins change their name is from within and I don’t see that happening The Redskins are the third most valuable team in the most powerful sports league in the U.S.


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Witness History

Everybody loves to hate the superstar unless you are the fan of that team. For some reason this doesn’t happen for me regarding LeBron James. He isn’t the most polarizing player in the Universe thanks to one man named Tebow but he comes to a close second! [Read more →]

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BIG 12 Communists?

Tommy Tuberville, the new Texas Tech head coach, made a comment during an interview this week in which he said that he doesn’t believe the new ten-team league will last long.  [Read more →]

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Should the NFL legalize steriods?

The NFL would benefit by legalizing steroids. [

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Super Conferences

So what happens if the Big Ten expands to a 16-team conference and it becomes incredibly successful? Will it be followed by the SEC and the Big 12? If so, will other conferences disappear completely? Here is a look at a possible outcome that I’ve put together. [Read more →]

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Giants Bullpen Best In MLB

In Major League baseball there isn’t that one guy on the field who constantly leads a team like a quarterback does in the NFL, but there are a group of guys who make a difference in the game. To make it to the playoffs or even the World Series a tough bullpen rotation is key, and I believe the San Francisco Giants have one of the best in the MLB. But are they strong enough to lead the Giants to a championship?. [Read more →]

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Big 10 Expansion

Bench Player Sports looks into the impact of the Big 10 Conference expanding and if its good or bad for the NCAA and college football. [Read more →]

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James’ Legacy

This isn’t a debate about how good LeBron James is, or if he is the best player in the National Basketball Association? This is about James’ love of basketball history and where he will fit into it when he calls it a career. [Read more →]

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AFC Preview 2010

Bench Player Sports’ columnist Kyle Straw looks at the post draft American Football Conference and previews each division.

[

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Is JaMarcus Russell the biggest bust ever?

Ryan Leaf is considered the biggest bust in NFL history but JaMarcus Russell could take that title over after the Raiders cut him this week. [Read more →]

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