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I Want Winners

What aspiring sports journalist doesn’t post a single story since May 2012, well me? This doesn’t mean that I haven’t had many arguments with family and friends about certain sports topics. There have been so many great storylines and I wish I would have posted about a lot of them.

I have continued to say this but I plan on posting at least once a week. As my life has continued to get busier I have lost touch with my passion and that is to share my thoughts on sports through blogging and sports podcasts.

When I was a student at the University of Nevada, Reno I quickly found out that the title Amateur Athlete in the moneymaking sports i.e. Football and Basketball held a very loose meaning. [Read more →]

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NCAA is a Cartel and the Proof is in the Pudding

The 1950′s ruined 2011 USC Football. Strong statement huh. Let me explain how the NCAA went from being a coordinating body to  powerful money seeking cartel, and eventually an institution out to ruin USC. [Read more →]

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Bush reaches settlement in civilsuit

53410116_Orange_BowlFormer University of Southern California running back Reggie Bush has reached a settlement in a civil case brought by Lloyd Lake [Read more →]

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SEC Dominance?

We all know that the SEC has the reputation of being the most dominant conference in college football. Heck! They just won their fourth straight national title, but is this comparison being looked at in accurate perspective? I’ll be the first to admit that the SEC gets the best recruits and they have the highest paid coaching staffs.  [Read more →]

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Gator Fans Join Trend of Taking Out Billboards

Gator Fans Dig-thumb-300x200-9513Last year friendsofwoody.com took out a billboard in Detroit to remind the Wolverines that they haven’t beat the Buckeyes in sometime. Well Gator nation has followed suit and rented out a billboard to remind FSU about their troubles against the Gators. [Read more →]

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USC Vs. Notre Dame

usc-notre-dame-picks-300x283An age old battle between the powerful Trojans and the… lucky leprechauns.  Okay, mascots aside, this is one of the greatest rivalries in all of football. The past decade has been somewhat lopsided with Notre Dame struggling to achieve winning seasons lately while USC has been arguably the most dominant program of the decade.  Well, now both teams are in a state of uncertainty with new coaches and lots of starters to replace from last season.  I think it will mean a lot when these teams face each other at the conclusion of the 2010 regular season.  Its likely that neither team will be playing for a BSC bid, but they will need that win to clarify their season and where they are as a program.

After the bowl games were over in January and all the coach swapping was settled, I made a bold statement that I believe Notre Dame will beat USC this year.  My dad was shocked by that idea but as we move through these teams’ spring practices I feel more confident about that statement.   Brian Kelly is making real changes in South Bend both on and off the field. He is a coach with a winning attitude and he is setting himself up for success.  Yes, he’s changed their offensive and defensive schemes. They’re learning his 3-4 defense and his spread offense, but there is much more than that going on at Notre Dame.  Kelly is changing his players’ attitudes.  He is creating a work ethic that will be fruitful and he is getting his team focused.  Kelly has completely structured a daily schedule for his players complete with meal times and study periods.  We all make our little remarks about the talent of the recruits at USC but really, the gap between USC and Notre Dame isn’t much of a gap.  Notre Dame gets top level recruiting classes and with the right attitude and coaching they can be as successful as USC has been.

Now, USC is somewhat in the same place as Notre Dame, however things are going very differently.  Now with Lane Kiffin taking over at head coach it will probably not change much at all.  Kiffin is very familiar with coaching at USC and transitioned back quite smoothly. The only real question is, can he improve on their 9-4 season?  Kiffin is an enthusiastic youthful coach who doesn’t hesitate to be loud and obnoxious.  His method will simply be to bring in the incredibly talented athletes that come to USC and with his top level coaching staff, refine their skills and bring them together as a team.  His personality is one that will surely get his players pumped up and ready to win.  The USC football team is a high profile, celebrity type organization and it will probably require the charisma that Lane Kiffin has in order to be as successful as it has been.

Both teams have a lot to improve upon before the season starts.  USC has a fantastic group of tailbacks but they need to build up their offensive line in order for that to be fully successful.  One fundamental plus is that Matt Barkley will have a little experience before jumping into this season.  Notre Dame has positions to fill on both sides of the ball and however they don’t have any particular group that is weak which will help the new players coming.  I can see these two teams being a great matchup and although I will be cheering for the Trojans I’m going to stick with my gut and keep saying the Irish are looking strong.

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Following: Urban Meyer

Bench Player Sports has decided to follow the rest of the internet and put in our own two cents on the Urban Meyer situation.  [Read more →]

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Delinquent Ducks

910100101006_Rose_Bowl_Ohio_St_v_OregonBoise State is the best football program in the country. That’s not what this article is about but it is a noteworthy… fact.  Now, onto the delinquency in Oregon; I believe it was Jesus who said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Don’t get me wrong, I want justice as much as the next guy, I also want my team to win. I don’t have much of a problem with Masoli sitting out the season- the guy can’t throw! [Read more →]

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College Football is Becoming a Warm Weather Sport

There is no argument here, it’s fact that warm weather schools are more favorable to young adults. On Big Red Network they looked at all the Nation Champions by the decade and it proves the fact that the better teams are moving South and to warmer weather. [Read more →]

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Pac-10 commish: Conference expansion under ‘serious evaluation’

SAN FRANCISCO — Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott says that if the conference is going to expand, a decision will likely be made in the next year.

Scott spoke Tuesday on a conference call to announce the hiring of former Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg as his new deputy.

Scott said it made sense to have a decision about expansion before starting to negotiate new television deals that expire following the 2011-12 academic year.

Scott says “serious evaluation” of the topic will go on in the next six to 12 months. He said the primary factor in the decision will be finding schools that fit into the conference culturally and academically and determining whether the benefits of adding extra teams outweigh the costs. (CBS Sports)

They should really try to get Boise State into their conference. I know they don’t meet some of their standards but their football program is excellent and it would be a win win for both parties. Every conference should have at least 12 schools, it would make for a better schedule plus every conference should have championships in all sports. I hope the Pac-10 does expand for the up coming football season.

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