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UCLA is now the program no coach wants

The UCLA Bruins and AD Dan Guerrero have struck out twice with coach Shaka Smart of VCU and Brad Stevens of Butler. The UCLA program has gone from one of the best jobs in the country to the program no one wants to coach.

How did this happen? John Wooden left a legacy that can over shadow at times but UCLA has location, winning tradition, and a great conference, the Expectations are to big. Just ask Ben Howland the recently fired Bruins head coach. Howland won more conference championships and went to more Final Fours then any other coach in UCLA history besides Wooden. Yet the team under performed the last four seasons they missed the NCAA tournament twice and just got blown out by the Minnesota gophers this year. Most teams would take that kind of success but not UCLA.

The landscape of college basketball is quite different then when Wooden was winning back to back to back championships. UCLA had two Atlantic 10 coaches on their radar and both chose that they would rather stay at their current schools of VCU and Butler instead of going to UCLA. At this rate they will have to hire a nobody from the streets to fulfill their vacancy. They will end up finding a coach and that coach will probably have a great resume but does this mean it will bring more success then Howland had, probably not?

College basketball is fickle. You have the one and done rule, players are choosing smaller schools, and there are a lot of great coaches in college basketball.  I see UCLA as a good job but is their such a thing as a great job, I think that it actually is only as good as the coach, fans and players make it.






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How Refs Hurt The Game Of Basketball

In basketball like most sports the most powerful person or persons on the court isn’t the players it is the officials. The referees have the ability to shape and mold a game to their liking. The can control the game in many ways through how they call the fouls are they strict, loose, or both. Do they call technical fouls. Do they call the rules of the game according to the rule book or use it more as a guideline.

The best referees in the country allow the game to be played on the court and not through the whistle. The coaches, players and fans should know how the game is going to be called for the entirety of the game in the first 5 minutes and it shouldn’t change no matter the circumstance.

The best refs in my opinion allow for an aggressive game but call it consistently   They shouldn’t mess with the flow with a bunch of whistles and allow the game to be played out by the players . The rule book should be followed but not literal. Basketball should be called situationally.

The biggest problem that refs have in calling games is consistency. The game should be called the same from the first seconds to the last. Every player should get the same calls or non calls  Every team should get the same calls on both sides of the court. But usually in the closing seconds the game is officiated in a different capacity. I have the philosophy in the closing seconds that the game should be a little more relaxed and there should be no bailouts.

People just want the correct call made but what is the correct call?  One of the biggest examples during this year’s march madness was the Ohio

With 1:15 remaining in the Ohio State Iowa State game with Iowa State holding a one-point lead, Iowa Stateguard Will Clyburn drove to the basket, made contact with two Ohio State defenders and laid the ball off the glass for a tough basket. If the basket had counted Iowa State would have been on the free throw line with a chance to go up four. The officials believed Craft had set himself in a outside the restricted area before Clyburn released the ball. His heel was just above the line under the basket.

This is where the rule gets fuzzy. Yes, we all know that to take a charge the defender must be set. Also the body of the defender can not impede the restricted area. Was Craft set if his heel was hovering over the line, probably not. Was he outside the restricted are, probably not. At game speed did it look like a charge, yes. Did I like the call, yes. Would I still hope that the refs would make the call, I probably would have liked a no call since Clyburn made the shot.

During March refs become the most hated profession in the United States even Obama’s approval rating goes up just because he isn’t a referee. All people want is for the refs to be consistant the entire game and to not slow down the action on the court.


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How to make the Regular Season Relevant Again

With March Madness among us it makes us reflect on the lack of importance on the regular season and conferences putting the biggest prize for the team that wins the conference tournament.  I know why the conferences do it, because ESPN and other networks promise lots of money, but does the regular season have to be completely null and void?  I wish there was a way to keep tally of certian team achievements throughout the year to use when ranking teams. With 68 teams in the tournament if you don’t get in you don’t deserve to get in.

[

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Snubs, Love and Your Team Sucks

Selection Sunday has come and gone and of course it was involved in a lot of controversy. As I listened to Sports Center and then sports talk radio this morning I came to the conclusion that the selection committee got it right and your team should have won more games.

Every year there will be plenty of snubs and teams that think they deserved to be in a field of 68 but lets face it the NCAA and college athletics is not little league sports, not everyone deserves to be a winner or get a participation trophy. This also does not warrant the NCAA tournament being expanded to 98 teams. [Read more →]

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Nevada sophomore Luke Babbitt hires agent

Luke Babbit ended his collegiate career at the University of Nevada today by hiring an agent and entering the NBA draft. [Read more →]

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CBS-Turner will outbid ESPN for the NCAA Tournament

CBS and Turner sports have created a two headed monster to take on ESPN and they will succeed. The Division 1 board of Directors meets in Indianapolis at the end of the month and they will discuss the future broadcasters and whether to expand the tournament.  [Read more →]

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Baylor-UConn beats Yankees-Redsox

Last night the Baylor women met the amazing UConn women and drew a 2.6 rating on ESPN, which was a lot better then last years Stanford vs UConn game that drew a 1.9 rating.  The Yankees and Red Sox met in the opening game of the MLB regular season and they controlled a 2.4 rating on ESPN, well the story isn’t completely true. [Read more →]

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How the NCAA can save basketball

What a 96 team tournament, that’s great, not really! I love College Basketball but if you make the tournament longer I think you have to move into the water that you as the NCAA has already made muddy, the definition of a “Student Athlete”. If you extend it you will have to look into the fact that these players are making you and your affiliates, or chartered division 1 schools lots of money. [Read more →]

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AP All-American Team

John Wall (Kentucky), DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky), Wes Johnson (Syracuse), Scottie Reynolds (Villanova), Evan Turner (Ohio State)  all have one two things in common they were all named to the First team All-American team and non of them are being showcased in the Final Four. [Read more →]

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CBS Sports Headline: Duke Ends Six-Year Final Four Drought

You know your program is a power house when a six year drought makes headlines. I understand that it is a story and Duke saved the Final Four this year for one reason, people who hate Duke, people who love Duke and the people in between will all watch Duke play. [Read more →]

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