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Political Correctness

With the ever changing culture that makes up the fabric of the United States of America people keep pushing for political correctness in all aspects of our private and public lives this includes but is not limited to our precious sports teams and players. The Redskins name has always been a go to target for Native Americans and other activist groups.

If you look at the name Washington Redskins out of context of the tradition of the team you would argue that no entity should be named after a ethnicities skin color. But not one time in my life have I thought about the Redskins in a negative way actually the complete opposite. The Redskins are a football team of powerful men going for one goal to win just like a tribe of Native Americans helping each other to survive for the common goals of the tribe.

Now should they change it? Probably Yes. But the fan base doesn’t cheer on a derogatory term they cheer on their favorite team that no longer hold the racist background. The Indians and Braves are a little less forward then the Redskin nickname but all in the same they have a Native American meaning.

There is a new group of people who have renewed the legal action against the Washington Redskins. The plaintiffs goal actually isn’t to make the Redskins change their name or even ban it from the entire sporting lanscape but to strip the team of it exclusive trademark protection on the grounds that disparaging terms are ineligible for trademark status. This would have an effect on Daniel Snyder’s check book because they would lose all the marketing advantages that having trademark status give him.

The NFL and the Redskins are to powerful for anyone interest group to go up against them. The only way that we will see the Redskins change their name is from within and I don’t see that happening The Redskins are the third most valuable team in the most powerful sports league in the U.S.


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Who is to blame?

The NFL Wild Card round is over and fresh in our heads. 8 teams went in thinking they could win and only 4 were able to succeed. But more importantly who is to blame for the Bengals, Vikings, Colts and Redskins losses? We will discuss the blame game and play Next Day Head Coaching.  [Read more →]

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Head Injuries and the NFL

If you listen to enough talk radio throughout the day you will find a good sample of talking heads that are for and against the commissioner Roger Goodell. Both sides of the argument have valid points but many points that they bring up are only for the shock and awe factor. [Read more →]

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NFL Cliché: It’s Business

This time of the year is the biggest time for the NFL cliché : It’s business. Owners, GM’s, coaches and players all succumb to this overused and over-annualized expression.  Tim Tebow, Alex Smith and Peyton Manning are some of the few players who have become products of this during this off season.  [Read more →]

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Fans can be so childish

Lets see who lost the game for the 49ers against the Giants in the NFC Championship, well the 49ers did as a team. Should Kyle Williams get some of the blame, yes. This doesn’t mean that he should be on the receiving end of death threats. [Read more →]

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Is this Futbol or Football?

The scrutiny of referees is always fun water cooler talk unless their screw up lost you money or gave your team a loss. With more and more judgment calls being forced onto these “HUMANS” more and more controversial calls are being committed. [Read more →]

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The Inside Job

Roger Goodell has been a polarizing figure ever since he took the reigns of the NFL and whether or not he has done good for the game depends on who you ask. [Read more →]

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Evil in Sports

There is nothing in today’s society that doesn’t have good vs. evil. Last night “Good” prevailed over quote on quote “Evil” but just like in real life Evil is always from the perspective you look at it. As I watch this series between the Heat and Mavs I noticed one huge problem with Evil, LeBron James has yet to figure out how to play as a villain.

Now lets jump to one of the largest story lines and that is the NFL lockout. Roger Goodell has the LeBron James effect he is labeled the villain no matter what he does. With the lockout moving closer to the start of the season Goodell moves further up the most wanted list of Sports Villains.

Do either of these men deserve to be labeled sports villains………… [Read more →]

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To Go or Not To Go

You are four years old trying to throw a spiral to your dad in the back yard, now your in Pop Warner and the star Quarterback of the 9-12 league, well time has passed and your playing under the Friday night lights, its Saturday and you play for the college team that recruited you since you were a Junior in high school… this all leads up to you fulfilling your dream as a 1st round draft pick and eventual star in the NFL. [Read more →]

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The carousel of Black Monday in the NFL.

Black Monday has lost a lot of its muster because owners are willing to let their head coaches go during the season but even so it still makes for great storylines.

The Vikings, Broncos, 49ers and Cowboys all relieved their head coaches of their duties during the season and the Browns fired Eric Mangini today but that doesn’t mean that the fun is over. [Read more →]

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