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UCLA is now the program no coach wants

The UCLA Bruins and AD Dan Guerrero have struck out twice with coach Shaka Smart of VCU and Brad Stevens of Butler. The UCLA program has gone from one of the best jobs in the country to the program no one wants to coach.

How did this happen? John Wooden left a legacy that can over shadow at times but UCLA has location, winning tradition, and a great conference, the Expectations are to big. Just ask Ben Howland the recently fired Bruins head coach. Howland won more conference championships and went to more Final Fours then any other coach in UCLA history besides Wooden. Yet the team under performed the last four seasons they missed the NCAA tournament twice and just got blown out by the Minnesota gophers this year. Most teams would take that kind of success but not UCLA.

The landscape of college basketball is quite different then when Wooden was winning back to back to back championships. UCLA had two Atlantic 10 coaches on their radar and both chose that they would rather stay at their current schools of VCU and Butler instead of going to UCLA. At this rate they will have to hire a nobody from the streets to fulfill their vacancy. They will end up finding a coach and that coach will probably have a great resume but does this mean it will bring more success then Howland had, probably not?

College basketball is fickle. You have the one and done rule, players are choosing smaller schools, and there are a lot of great coaches in college basketball.  I see UCLA as a good job but is their such a thing as a great job, I think that it actually is only as good as the coach, fans and players make it.






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How Refs Hurt The Game Of Basketball

In basketball like most sports the most powerful person or persons on the court isn’t the players it is the officials. The referees have the ability to shape and mold a game to their liking. The can control the game in many ways through how they call the fouls are they strict, loose, or both. Do they call technical fouls. Do they call the rules of the game according to the rule book or use it more as a guideline.

The best referees in the country allow the game to be played on the court and not through the whistle. The coaches, players and fans should know how the game is going to be called for the entirety of the game in the first 5 minutes and it shouldn’t change no matter the circumstance.

The best refs in my opinion allow for an aggressive game but call it consistently   They shouldn’t mess with the flow with a bunch of whistles and allow the game to be played out by the players . The rule book should be followed but not literal. Basketball should be called situationally.

The biggest problem that refs have in calling games is consistency. The game should be called the same from the first seconds to the last. Every player should get the same calls or non calls  Every team should get the same calls on both sides of the court. But usually in the closing seconds the game is officiated in a different capacity. I have the philosophy in the closing seconds that the game should be a little more relaxed and there should be no bailouts.

People just want the correct call made but what is the correct call?  One of the biggest examples during this year’s march madness was the Ohio

With 1:15 remaining in the Ohio State Iowa State game with Iowa State holding a one-point lead, Iowa Stateguard Will Clyburn drove to the basket, made contact with two Ohio State defenders and laid the ball off the glass for a tough basket. If the basket had counted Iowa State would have been on the free throw line with a chance to go up four. The officials believed Craft had set himself in a outside the restricted area before Clyburn released the ball. His heel was just above the line under the basket.

This is where the rule gets fuzzy. Yes, we all know that to take a charge the defender must be set. Also the body of the defender can not impede the restricted area. Was Craft set if his heel was hovering over the line, probably not. Was he outside the restricted are, probably not. At game speed did it look like a charge, yes. Did I like the call, yes. Would I still hope that the refs would make the call, I probably would have liked a no call since Clyburn made the shot.

During March refs become the most hated profession in the United States even Obama’s approval rating goes up just because he isn’t a referee. All people want is for the refs to be consistant the entire game and to not slow down the action on the court.


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Booing Super Stars of Past

It is a grand old tradition in America to boo athletes and coaches who we feel have wronged our franchise. The past couple years the NBA has been chalked full of these traditions. Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and the newest member to the club Dwight Howard. We only do this since they are entertainment because we would never boo someone who decided to better their lives by moving from their home city or state.

Last night the New York Knicks showed up to Denver to play the Nuggets and everyone knew that the fans would be booing Anthony. Anthony did do one thing that should give him a little clout , he let the Nuggets know that he was leaving no matter what and they should trade him to get something in return. The trade outlined below by the NY Times has worked better for the Nuggets in my opinion and they got Anthony out of town.

In addition to Anthony, a supremely athletic 6-foot-8 forward, the Knicks will receive the veteran point guard Chauncey Billups and three nominal bench players — forwards Shelden Williams and Renaldo Balkman and guard Anthony Carter.

In exchange, Denver will obtain four of the Knicks’ top players — Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov — along with the Knicks’ first-round pick in 2014. The Knicks are also giving up two second-round picks — in 2012 and 2013, both acquired from Golden State — along with $3 million in cash.

As part of the deal, the Knicks will send Anthony Randolph, Eddy Curry and $3 million to Minnesota in exchange for Corey Brewer. The Knicks have not yet decided whether to keep Brewer or flip him in another deal. They have several trade possibilities in the works as they approach the N.B.A.’s Thursday trading deadline.  Source NY Times

Anthony left the game with knee stiffness and hurt feelings. The Nuggets fans started to chant:

 ”We want Melo,”"Where is Melo?” and “Who needs Melo.”

Since the trade Anthony’s game has stayed pretty much the same but the change has been found in each team’s win percentage.

Win Percentage Since 2010-11

Pre-trade Post-trade
Knicks .519 .568
Nuggets .561 .635

Does this mean that it is all Anthony’s fault probably not but I do know that because of his style of play and his attitude he isn’t the superstar that gets a a locker room to gel. Anthony is with out question a special scorer but that is it and he has trouble with getting other players involved. He should know that later on in the game he will get his touches and that he should get the role players involved early.

Should we boo our favorite player for leaving our team…..no we should probably boo the management because there is a reason that the player wanted out and it was just that he wanted to move on from that city. Everyone should have the ability to make their lives better including millionaire athletes.


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Political Correctness

With the ever changing culture that makes up the fabric of the United States of America people keep pushing for political correctness in all aspects of our private and public lives this includes but is not limited to our precious sports teams and players. The Redskins name has always been a go to target for Native Americans and other activist groups.

If you look at the name Washington Redskins out of context of the tradition of the team you would argue that no entity should be named after a ethnicities skin color. But not one time in my life have I thought about the Redskins in a negative way actually the complete opposite. The Redskins are a football team of powerful men going for one goal to win just like a tribe of Native Americans helping each other to survive for the common goals of the tribe.

Now should they change it? Probably Yes. But the fan base doesn’t cheer on a derogatory term they cheer on their favorite team that no longer hold the racist background. The Indians and Braves are a little less forward then the Redskin nickname but all in the same they have a Native American meaning.

There is a new group of people who have renewed the legal action against the Washington Redskins. The plaintiffs goal actually isn’t to make the Redskins change their name or even ban it from the entire sporting lanscape but to strip the team of it exclusive trademark protection on the grounds that disparaging terms are ineligible for trademark status. This would have an effect on Daniel Snyder’s check book because they would lose all the marketing advantages that having trademark status give him.

The NFL and the Redskins are to powerful for anyone interest group to go up against them. The only way that we will see the Redskins change their name is from within and I don’t see that happening The Redskins are the third most valuable team in the most powerful sports league in the U.S.


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The Wild Wild West

The Lakers move closer to the Warriors, Rockets and Jazz in the playoff race. The Lakers aren’t a great team and will have very little impact in the playoffs yet they are a big story because they are the Lakers. The Spurs, Thunder and Nuggets are all better story lines this year but have been ingulfed by the Laker’s shadow. The west isn’t as scary as it once was but lets not undervalue it. The top 5 seeds as of right now all have a chance to represent the West.

Last night in New Orleans, the Lakers had to overcome a 25-point deficit behind Bryant’s 42 points and a 20-0 run. This is after the Oklahoma City game where the Laker’s dreadful defense only mustarded up 2 turnovers even though the Thunder average 15 turnovers per game. The west is exciting without using the Lakers to get page views, even though their run to unseat the Rockets or Jazz is going to be fun down the stretch.

The Spurs look to be the favorites out of the west if they can correct what went wrong in the playoffs last year. They also have to ride the storm without Tony Parker in the lineup. He is expected to miss 1 month with an ankle sprain. But with the leadership of Tim Duncan this shouldn’t be a problem.

The Thunder look more human then last year with out Harden coming off the bench but Durant and Westbrook are a duo that is scary. They are the 2nd highest scoring team in the league with just over 107 points. Westbrook is eccentric and doesn’t always produce like an All-Star talent. Durant is clutch and a pure shooter  and can keep you in a game just by volume shooting

The Denver Nuggets are exciting and a team that is flying under the radar. When they traded Melo to the Knicks I said that they got the better deal even though they got volume instead of a even trade. The locker room seems to be a lot better then it was with the selfish player that Melo is. Kenneth Faried is one of the most exciting players in the Association this year. He is a rebounding machine and averages just under 10 a game.

The west should have an exciting rest of March and look for some historic performances.

7. Houston 33-29

8. Utah 32-29

9. L.A. Lakers 31-31 (1½ games behind Jazz)

10. Portland 28-32 (3½ behind Jazz)

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Who is to blame?

The NFL Wild Card round is over and fresh in our heads. 8 teams went in thinking they could win and only 4 were able to succeed. But more importantly who is to blame for the Bengals, Vikings, Colts and Redskins losses? We will discuss the blame game and play Next Day Head Coaching.  [Read more →]

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I Want Winners

What aspiring sports journalist doesn’t post a single story since May 2012, well me? This doesn’t mean that I haven’t had many arguments with family and friends about certain sports topics. There have been so many great storylines and I wish I would have posted about a lot of them.

I have continued to say this but I plan on posting at least once a week. As my life has continued to get busier I have lost touch with my passion and that is to share my thoughts on sports through blogging and sports podcasts.

When I was a student at the University of Nevada, Reno I quickly found out that the title Amateur Athlete in the moneymaking sports i.e. Football and Basketball held a very loose meaning. [Read more →]

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Kazaam ll: NBA GM

Movie sequels are hit or miss but this one has disaster written all over it. Shaq was a dominate player when he wanted to be, he is a funny person when he wants to be and I am sure he would make a great General Manager when he wants to. But, that’s not good enough.  [Read more →]

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Head Injuries and the NFL

If you listen to enough talk radio throughout the day you will find a good sample of talking heads that are for and against the commissioner Roger Goodell. Both sides of the argument have valid points but many points that they bring up are only for the shock and awe factor. [Read more →]

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Knicks: The most delusional team in professional sports

The only true memory I have of the New York Knicks is sadly Spike Lee’s worst memory: The 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals between the Knicks and the Indiana Pacers.

The Knicks had the game won with a 105-99 lead with 18.7 seconds left in Game 1. Reggie Miller had a moment of success that only Disney could capture better in a Hollywood movie and the Knicks had one of the greatest collapses in sports history. Miller scored 8 points in 11 seconds to win the game. [Read more →]

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